Authentic. Adventurous. Expressive.

A romantic minimalist, I love creative thinking, people willing to open up and share who they are, weddings that are about the couple at their core, telling stories, exploring new places and a good cup of tea.

Jordan Weiland
  • Jordan Weiland

  • Photography has been a life-long passion stemming from my mother’s photography books and watching her work in the darkroom. Graduating from Florida State with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, I worked as a wedding photographer assistant for a few years before branching out on my own and starting my business in 2008. I love traveling and meeting new people and hearing their stories.

    At my heart: I believe in human rights and giving back. Laughter is therapeutic and I believe the answers to a lot of the world’s problems is love. Life is too short to not love big.

Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

  • I love it when clients craft their weddings around who they are as a couple and intimate weddings are my favorite. I've travelled for weddings all over the country and photographing new places, cultures and people spark my creativity. Carefully crafted weddings that represent the couple and give nods back to their family are some of the best details.

    Based in Lakeland, FL and Colorado for summers, I love to travel and have low-cost travel fees for doing so. I have a decade of experience in the industry and a passion for sharing love stories. I love to work with talented vendors and clients that appreciate beauty with an emphasis on their marriage being the most important part of the celebration.

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  • Fall/Winter/Spring
    331 S. Florida Ave, BSMT
    Lakeland, FL 33801

    Wherever the wind takes us

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Photography has taken me to so many places. I’m so grateful to get to see this beautiful world we live in and do something I love along the way. Here’s the places that I’ll be heading to in 2017-2018:

The Florida Keys  |  Winter Park, CO  |  Keystone, CO  |  West Palm Beach, FL  |  Telluride, CO  | Salt Lake City, UT

Let’s add your location to that list.

Where I’ve been: NYC  |  Chapel Hill, NC  |  Chicago, IL  |  Aspen, CO  |  Napa Valley, CA  |  Winter Park, CO  |  Denver, CO  |  Colorado Springs, CO  |  Central Florida  |  Biddeford Pool, ME  |  Niagra Falls, Canada  |  Nassau, Bahamas  |  Cinque Terre, Italy  |  Paris, France  |  San Fransisco, CA  |  Atlanta, GA  |  Pittsburgh, PA  |  Cleveland, OH  |  Boston, MA  |  Washington DC