Lakeland Home SessionRobyn + Gio

Robyn + Gio are such beautiful souls. I was recently invited into their home where we took photos of them making breakfast and then walked down to 801 Main, the little urban utopia that Robyn owns and they both work at, for a few more photos. My goal with this session was honestly and authenticity. I wanted to show their life and their love for one another without pretense. Without photoshop and fancy outfits. Gio was very nervous about having her photo taken so I tried hard to take my time and keep my distance in the beginning to give her space ease her into me being there.

What I was really feeling? Inspired. They inspire me to take risks, be bold and be authentic to who I am. I’m grateful for them in my life and I was SO grateful and honored to be invited into their home, into their private space to document their life. Ya’ll are the bees knees and you make the world a little brighter. xo.