Love: Breanna + Cory at Crawford Farms

I met Breanna when I photographed her for senior pictures last year. She is ridiculously beautiful and super sweet. A down-home, country girl that loves the outdoors, cowboy boots and everything Tiffany blue. And Cory completes her. They make each other smile, laugh and blush. I found out that they were engaged when I saw Cory’s proposal video on facebook. He made a giant Tiffany’s box, put it in her living room and surprised her in front of her whole family on Christmas day. It was pretty amazing. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next April!

This stand has been here for 50 years. Breanna wanted to do the session here when she saw the Tiffany blue truck sitting out front and the owners are gracious and even moved it around for us. They let us take pictures wherever we wanted to and told us some history of their property. They grow strawberries, along with other veggies out back. 


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  • Stefanie Schimborski said:

    I love the location for this shoot! Everything from their outfits to the crates melds perfectly! What a gorgeous couple. You have captured how much they really love each other. Great job, as always, Jordan!

  • Vanessa said:

    What a neat idea! Love it.

  • Stephanie said:

    Love the location. Such a cute idea Jordan!

  • Tami said:

    I love the pictures! My son and his beautiful fiance'.

  • Jessica said:

    love the couple, location & that truck! <3 and that strawberry ring shot is stellar! yummmm!

  • Teresa said:

    Love the photo shoot!!!

  • Andrea said:

    Breanna is my niece and she is amazingly beautiful!!!! And it seems Cory does "complete" her!! The location, the stand, the truck, the outfits....everything just perfect, and so Breanna!!!
    Looks like a scene from Bridges of Madison County...only younger!!

  • Sarah said:

    These pictures are wonderful! I love that the scenery really captured who Cory and Brianna are....a playful yet sweet-romantic feel!

  • Glenda said:

    Love all the pictures!!!!!

  • Glenda said:

    Love all the pictures.

  • Stephanie said:

    Great pictures - so happy for you guys.

  • Breanna said:

    These came out awesome! I'm so happy :) Thank you Jordan for such an awesome time, and thank you to everyone else for your sweet comments <3 XOXO

  • Jessica M. said:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple.

  • kim said:

    Love the pics guys - they are almost as awesome as you two are :)

  • Jeff Birdwell said:

    Thank you for an excellent job Jordan; and allowing Breanna to express herself through this concept and location. I pray these two wonderful kids will always be as happy in their lives as they were on this day. You really take the time to understand your subjects and work with them to bring out their joyfullness. Much appreciated from this little girl's daddy.

  • Christina said:

    I love the shot of them where she's sitting on the front wheel well of the truck. They are too cute!

  • Alisa judy said:

    They look absolutely amazing!

  • Laura said:

    Cory is my cousin and I have never seen him happier then when he is with Breanna. You captured how much they love each other. Love the pictures.

  • brittany said:

    i love these ! :)

  • Gail Ballard said:

    Beautiful photos !! You captured the love between Breanna & Cory!

  • Lisa Belvin said:

    Every last picture is AWESOME! Of course, you had a VERY handsome groom & beautiful bride to work with :) Fantastic! I do not know how they will choose!!

  • Tricia Shaw said:

    So beautiful! I love the one where you two are dancing. God is good!

  • Mary Fairchild said:

    Beautiful pictures of a precious couple. The softness of these photos eloquently displays the love and tenderness of their relationship. Well done!

  • Claudia Powell said:

    Pictures are awesome...looking forward to the wedding pictures!

  • Ami said:

    These pictures are so beautiful!

  • Amber said:

    Loved the strawberry picture! This truly did capture them as a couple!

  • Susan Ellis said:

    Congrats, Cory!! These are great pictures....thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Angie said:

    Jordan -

    We wouldn't want anyone else capturing these precious moments for us. Thank you for sharing this exciting time in our lives. Breanna and Cory are both amazing 'kids' and you've captured the beginning of their life and love together. I'm one proud mom!

  • CORY said:

    These pictures are inspirational. Makes me go back to a time , the night I knew I had found the love of my life. Sitting on a porch swing I held her and told her I loved her and I knew she was the girl I was going to marry, the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! Thank you so much for the pictures, they are so amazing!

  • Pam Szydlowski said:

    Cory, These are great pictures!! I am so happy for you and Breanna! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage! I wish the best to both of you!