Love: Carianne + Patrick

Cari is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met in 10th grade volleyball try-outs and have stayed in each others lives ever since. (We really took coach’s ‘get to know your teamates’ to heart.) I’m SO excited for her and Patrick and their Cinco-de-Mayo wedding this year! As one of her bridesmaids I won’t be taking the wedding photos, BUT I did get to shoot a pretty amazing engagement session for them at Patrick’s friend’s cattle farm in Okeechobee, FL. Yeah, on the geotagging my phone literally says, “In the middle of nowhere.” Ha! But here we were. Just us, this gorgeous location, some cows and fish.

This was their, “Strike a pose.” Carianne, look at your legs woman!

We had lots of laughter.

Cari saw this really cute engagement session and was inspired to create little fish too. 

So we were pretty excited when Patrick reeled in this little bass…

And THEN this happened…

A HUGE 9+lb bass. She was definitely quite a catch. So what did we do?

We took her with us. She’s goin up on the wall. Right next to their engagement photos. Great job Patrick!And there’s more! Keep a lookout for day 2 of their Okeechobee engagement session!

  • Kerri Gilpin said:

    What an AMAZING shoot! Love the "gone fishin" theme! and WOW, caught a big one!! So unique. Can't wait to see more - and Cari, you are so stinking cute! You guys make an adorable couple!

  • Kelly said:

    Ummmm, these are so adorable! This couple really shines through in these photos! Great job Jordan:)

  • brooke rains said:

    Aw, Pat's getting married! Great photos!

  • brooke rains said:

    Aw, Pat is getting married! Great photos!

  • Linda and George said:

    How could not have planned the fishing trip to end like this --beautiful couple.....their happiness shows in each beautiful shot..Jordan you outdo yourself with each shoot....

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  • Mom said:

    You two look so happy! Make me happy....

  • dad said:


  • Lori said:

    OMG! I LOVE these! I am so sad I'll be missing out on her wedding :(