Maternity: Sara | Winter Park, FL

One of my oldest and best friends, Sara is pregnant with her second child. She suggested we do the shoot at this vintage candy store, Sassafras Sweet Shoppe, off of Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. She even went all “Rosie the Riveter” in her look which, is two-fold because her little girl is going to be named Rosie. Love it.

We had a little fun and went full on vintage with candy cigarettes in this shot. Haha. So beautifully inappropriate. (FYI: we are in no way promoting real smoking here. Only sugar cigarettes.)

After the candy store we walked down to the rose garden to take some images there to honor Rosie’s name. We may or may not have picked some flowers. I plead the fifth.
Sara’s firstborn is named Lilly (Lillian) hence, a rose and a lilly. She mentioned that she’s going to have a little garden of children. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?Then we headed to her house and took some photos with her husband and Lilly in the backyard. Sara put up some blankets as a backdrop which is totally her because she knits and actually has her own adorable etsy shop. You can visit it here. She also has an amazing crafter/momma blog that you need to add to your favorites, like yesterday. Here’s the link. You can thank me later. 

  • jessica said:

    These are gorgeous, Jordan!

  • amy said:

    SO SO SO beautiful. I know Sara is over the moon with them and I can see why.

  • deerdonna said:

    wow, these are just absolutely perfect. i wish you were in australia because i would book a photoshoot with you in a heartbeat! sara looks so cute and lilly is gorgeous too!!

    awww they are ALL gorgeous!

  • amanda said:

    Just lovely. Every picture. I like the candy store idea. Great pictures!

  • Jess Judkins said:

    I LOVE all of these pictures!!! Sara is sure to cherish these always

  • Linda said:

    Love the candy her hair...beautiful - just plain beautiful.