Mischief Monday | Flowers + Toothpaste

It’s kind of amusing that when I started this series I thought, “I wonder if I’ll have enough incidents to post one a week?” and now I’m wondering which of the several I should post. I’m also trying to keep my good camera handy so that I can photograph her craziness with something a little better than my iPhone. (I’m sure there will still be several more iPhone/instagram photos posted though. Don’t judge.)

So this happened when I needed to send a quick email. I thought she was quietly watching Toy Story, but instead she was quietly destroying my new bouquet of flowers from my mother in law. She took every flower and pulled it apart. Thanks kid. I guess it was a biology lesson in flower anatomy. See… I’m homeschooling already!

Another weird thing about Autumn is that the girl is OBSESSED with her father’s toothbrush and toothpaste. She doesn’t want her own. Or mine (thank goodness) but dads. She would eat toothpaste if I let her. (I don’t.) But almost every morning she climbs in this drawer (or up on the sides of the drawer, or uses the drawer as a stepping stool to rock-climb the cabinets) up to where she can grab dad’s toothbrush and toothpaste and runs in the living room to chomp away.

Oh A. You’re so wonderfully weird.

xo, Jordan