My commitment to my clients is above all else. Taking on a limited number of clients each year (typically two weddings per month) allows me to get to know my clients and connect with them before their wedding day. I try my hardest to meet and exceed all of their expectations.

Stacy + Matt
  • Stacy + Matt

  • Jordan photographed our small Winter Park wedding, and simply exceeded every single expectation we ever had. We just received the pictures today less than three weeks after our wedding- that’s insanely fast! We just could not stop crying, laughing, and gasping at the beauty of each shot- I think every other picture was labeled a “favorite.”
Kirsten + Adam
  • Kirsten + Adam

  • Jordan and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Jordan’s commitment to providing quality and awesome photographs, capturing all of the most important moments were more than evident. Her passion was reflected through her team. She captured our memories beautifully.
Anna + Kostis
  • Anna + Kostis

  • Throughout the process; from the initial meeting, to engagement shoot, day of the wedding, and processing of the photos, we had a fantastic experience working with Jordan. When looking for a photographer, we were initially really impressed with Jordan's ability to capture photos of real moments, in addition to staged shots. I'm happy to say that she did a great job of capturing these moments at our wedding.
Lauren + Adam
  • Lauren + Adam

  • Obviously her work speaks for itself, but from the very beginning, Jordan was friendly, professional and responsive. My husband and I have never had our photos taken, so we basically stood there like a couple of amateurs, and yet somehow Jordan was able to capture amazing pictures!
Jenna + Garrett
  • Jenna + Garrett

  • Jordan is everything wonderful you could ask for in a photographer! She pays attention to every single detail and captures them in the most beautiful way possible.She went above and beyond to make us incredibly happy with our pictures, from running in the rain on our wedding day to making time for us on her family vacation in DC after we moved! I was able to rest easy at the end of our busy wedding day, knowing soon I would have amazing pictures that I could look back on all the beautiful moments that went by too quickly!


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