The Mischief of Autumn Grey

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be fun and add a little personal post every once in a while of my crazy daughter. I have an album on Facebook titled, “The Mischief of Autumn Grey” (shamelessly stolen from my friend who has an album of her daughter called The Mischief of Lillian Eloise). It gets a lot of attention so I thought I’d add in an element to my blog and call it Mischief Monday. I won’t promise to update this every week (although I probably will) and most of these photos will be from my iPhone (no photographers don’t always walk around with their Nikon strapped to their neck), but it should prove to be pretty entertaining.

I will start with these.

My daughter wants more than anything to go into my office and tear it up. I keep it off limits from her because there’s no way I could keep it “Autumn proof.” We have a different type of knob on the door and she can’t pull it like the others to open the door so she pushed the little end table up to the door and climbed on top. Voila! She’s way too smart.


And then this. For breakfast she grabbed the chips from the pantry, ran into the living room and dumped the bag’s contents on the coffee table. And then gave me that look. Like I did it. Good grief.


xo. #mischiefmonday #iPhone


  • Kelly said:

    Jordan... this is a fabulous idea! I'll be looking forward to this post on the Monday's that you do have the time to do it. Autumn is DEFINITELY entertaining... and might I add, super cute!

  • Linda said:

    I get the biggest laugh out of this little character..she is self entertaining for sure <3