Tuesday Tip: How to dress your guests

Your wedding invitations can set the tone for the guests and give them clues on how to dress and sometimes couples put the attire style right in black and white on the invitation. This can be very helpful if you’re having a fancier wedding, so guests can prepare and dress accordingly. Having an outdoor garden wedding? Let them know it’s ok to wear flats or wedges in the grass. Having your wedding at an indoor ballroom? Tell them to break out the heels.

Unsure on what to put on your invitations and what all of the dress code terms mean? Theblacktux.com has this lovely little style guide to help us all out;


Guys: if you need to rent a suit or tux, they have you covered; Suit + Tux Rentals. So much more stylish than Men’s Warehouse, right? AND if you’re a groom they have a great weddings page which makes picking styles and keeping track of all the groomsmen, so easy.

Just for fun, here are three of my favorite looks from them. The first one is for a casual, outdoor wedding. The second two are for a fancy, evening affair.



Hope this helps! xo,