Wardrobe Wednesday: Couples

I’ve been shooting, talking to and dreaming about a lot of couple sessions lately, so couples are what I’m focusing on this week. I love it when a couple really puts some creativity into their outfits for a session. I love bowties, hats and suspenders on guys; scarves, cardigans and boots on women. I love bright colors and a pop of unexpected too. It really adds that much more interest to your pictures. I know some people stay away from current trends because they don’t want to look back at their photos and think, “what was I thinking?” My opinion? That’s silly. Wear the trend if you love it. It shows your personality and what you were into at that time in your life. Most importantly, though be true to yourself.

The men’s outfit on the bottom right is from J.Crew.

The woman with the red tights is Veronica from: http://ticktockvintage.blogspot.com/2011/09/tick-tock-dress.html#disqus_thread – A super cute blog about vintage items.

The really cute look up top with the arrows saying, “J.Crew and Francesca’s” is from Kendie’s blog: http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/2011/02/casual-tuesday.html#disqus_thread – a great blog about fashion.

All other outfits, unfortunately, I don’t know where they came from. Feel free to follow my ‘what to wear’ board on pinterest!¬†http://pinterest.com/jordanweiland/what-to-wear/

Shop well! -Jordan


  • maria felton said:

    oooh, love all of these looks!!! now if it would only get a little cooler than 90 degrees... :(